Death is always a sad occurrence. To lose a spouse, parent, family member or close friend is surely one of the most painful experiences we must endure in life. While nothing at this time can remove the pain of loss the Funeral Mass has a clear message of hope. The readings, psalms and Communion reflections in this small booklet all convey compassion and hope.

The presence of people at a time of family bereavement may also be a wonderful source of strength. It is the local community speaking not in words but by their very presence.

The priests of the parish are most anxious to be a source of support and strength at this time and will be here to help in the months and years ahead. People often suffer in isolation. The bereavement process for some is very prolonged, but for all it is intense. Our prayers are never unmindful of your grief. Your priests would feel privileged to be of help in any way at any time during your time of grief.

Date : November 12, 2013