Response: Lord graciously hear us.



Priest:     Christ is the Good Shepherd who gives his life to save those he loves. In our loss, let us turn to him and with confidence make our needs known  to him.


  1. That God may reward N. for all the love that he/she shared. Lord, hear us.


  1. That God may visit N.'s family and friends with comfort and peace especially his/her neighbours and those who cared for him/her. Lord, hear us.


  1. That those who grieve over the loss of N., that they all may be comforted by the knowledge that the Lord will take care of him/her. Lord, hear us.


  1. For all the faithful departed, especially our relatives and friends and members of this community; that they may dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Lord, hear us.



Priest: Lord, give us the certainty that beyond death there is a life where broken things are mended and lost things are found; where there is rest for the weary and joy for the sad; where all that we have loved and willed of good exists, and where we will meet again our loved ones. We ask this through Christ who is Lord forever and ever. Amen.

Date : January 29, 2018